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Welcome to the world of "Villa Daros" - the place where history and nature merge with the modern expression of winemaking. Founded in 2018, our winery was born from the passion of two families who decided to develop the Kresna region.


Every bottle of wine that leaves our winery is the fruit of endless passion and tireless devotion to the art of winemaking. From the hands that plant and tend the vines to the final cork placed on the carefully crafted bottle, we put our heart and soul into creating wines of unique character and taste.


Villa Daros is inspired by the values ​​of tradition and innovation. We respect the history of winemaking, but we also boldly look to the future, experimenting with new grape varieties and technologies. Our goal is to provide you with wines that not only reflect the richness of our region, but also convey the flavors and aromas of our passion for wine.